Prompts for final Teachers Write

Dear New Teachers,

I’m posting the prompts for the final Teachers Write in this blog with the hope that you might give some time to the various links AND suggest other links that you believe would benefit others.

Here are the prompts … please choose ONLY one prompt to which to respond … please bring this Teachers Write short essay to our class meeting on Thursday, Feb. 23.

The prompts: “Sharing,”  “Wish,” “Mistake,” “Guts”

Please review the rubric (found within our course outline as it guides how judgments are made about your writing.

Finally, thank you, for your continued openness and kindness … most particularly to me AND to each other. I have sensed that we are growing a bit more close as a group and, in my experience, such growing is both rare and a gift to be cherished.


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The World Becomes Your Classroom

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American author Wendell Berry on the Civil War

American Imagination and the Civil War

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Great resources!

Hey … here are 2 books that I believe EVERYONE should read … both are available in Pattee/Paterno … AND the community book is available (in draft form) online as a pdf document (simply do a Google search)! I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!

1) The Book of Learning and Forgetting by Frank Smith
2) The Power of Community Centered Education by Michael Umphrey

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Loving the questions

Hey all … many of you are considering how a classroom culture that gives high (if not, highest) priority to questions might be co-constructed (with students). So, I thought this post would serve as an invitation to post practices, strategies, activities, elements, etc. all having the intent to place questions and questioning (of students) at the center of student learning. One example: a question box (where students would drop a piece of paper with her/his question). No doubt, there’s a bunch more possibilities. And … check out Ashley’s post in the LLED page … wicked good questions, Ashley!

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What the BEST teachers know about learning.


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What Will It Take?

What will it take for you to be a student of the best teaching possible this semester? What are you prepared to do? Or not do? And, what is “best” teaching anyway? Share a story (post) that answers these questions … don’t forget to check out what your classmates are posting, too!

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