This space is for students of teaching interested in becoming the BEST teachers they can be … for those committed to learning-their own and others-and to contributing to the healing of the world, starting with themselves!


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  1. Welcome CI 412W FALL 2011!

    I decided to post the prompts for Teachers Write #2 (the essay where we offer more “formal” feedback … aka “a number score”) on my blog homepage HOPING THAT YOU WOULD CHECKOUT THE LINKS and postings … and, hoping that you would send me other great links to build up this blog even more!

    Here’s the prompts for TW #2: (1) “My Body” OR (2) “Hurt” OR (3) “Thankfulness”

    Please SELECT ONLY ONE PROMPT … to complete this short essay. Remember, too, to look at the course outline where you’ll find a rubric for what will guide our scoring of your essay. Keep in mind that, as in all of these short essays, we’re interested in a quality of “heart” sharing that we believe is essential to teaching (and to expressing oneself).

    Bring your Teachers Write #2 essay to class on Thursday, Sept. 8 (along with your Reading Reflection #2). Finally, remember that all of these assignments are revisable … you can re-submit them, following our feedback, to earn additional “points”!


    dana, carl, gina

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